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Honors Medallion Ceremony

2 p.m. Friday, April 29 – Honors, Scholars and Fellows Great Hall

Good afternoon. It’s a pleasure to be here to recognize the hard work and dedication of our graduating honors students.

I’d like to offer a special warm welcome to the friends and family members who are here today. I know what a vital role you have played in the success of your student, and I know how proud you must be today.

Our graduating honors students have not only excelled in their coursework, they have put in the extra effort to become active participants in the academic life of the university.

The students who have completed the University Honors Program have earned 18 credit hours of honors courses while maintaining a high GPA.

And the students who completed Honors in the Major had to write and defend an honors thesis after working with a professor in their department to conduct original research.

I’d like to give special recognition to our 17 Senior Scholars. These students have completed the University Honors Program AND written a thesis for the Honors in the Major program AND are graduating Summa Cum Laude. That’s impressive!!

At Florida State, we focus on truly engaging our students. The time they spend here as undergraduates should not be a passive experience where they simply learn what others already know.

It should be an active experience, where students become keenly engaged in the creation of new knowledge, conducting innovative research and pushing the boundaries in their chosen fields.

The students we are honoring today have done those things. And I hope their honors experience has also inspired them to use their knowledge, skills and talents to help people and make the world a better place.

At Florida State, we believe it’s not enough for a university to educate students, we need to help them develop the tools they need to become better people.

Earning an Honors Medallion symbolizes a motivation and desire to challenge oneself, and, yes, to become a better person, too. These values will serve our students well — both in the workplace and in life.

The students who wear the Medallion during graduation ceremonies this weekend have the admiration of the faculty and their peers. And with that admiration comes great expectations.

We tell our honors students that their Florida State family expects a lot from them because we know they are capable of tremendous success. We can’t wait to hear about it!

So to the Honors Medallion recipients and their families — congratulations and best of luck to all of you!